Natural Born Cyborgs - Chapters 4-6

Telepresence - a set of technologies which allow a person to feel as if they were present

Idea of teleportation through the copy/destroy allegory for travel

Concept of a "bath of information" from text
Idea of projection, questions of consciousness -> Allegory of the Cave (Plato) -> early virtual reality

all tools aren't equal * * *

Haptics - deep immersive response systems

Arduino Notes


variable scope

int led = 13; <--- global scope for parameters

! variables are meant for reassignment
! must declare that variables aren't in a specific scope

void setup {
                       pinMode(led, OUTPUT)

void loop { }

a way to list information
no limit to numbers, much like an Excel table
!computers always count from 0

int myArray[] <-- square braces for arrays

int myArray[] = {value1(0), value2(1), value3(2)}; !semicolon to terminate

x = myArray[2]; !value3 is position 2 in myArray ^ (because computers count from 0)

int tempArray[5]; !this creates an array with 5 different values that are 'open'

tempArray[3] = analogRead(pot);

byte flicker[ ] = {180, 30, 255, 200, 10, 90, 150, 60];

Arduino = = digital

PWM = Pulse, Width, Modulation ! there are 6 of these pins on the Uno

byte: goes from 0-255 (either increasing or decreasing a pulse of energy)


int ledPin = 9;

Working on the Final (pt 2.)

Try to write out the order of your system working (not code)
What happens first, so the second thing that can happen, so the third can happen
pseudocode - sensor takes a reading, processes, does action - simple coding

Grove electromagnet for possibility in the palm:

Compile a parts list! * * *

While we're waiting for parts... what do I need to do first?

Make clay, make ferrofluid, source glove model, ferrofluid and clay experiments, simple DIY electromagnets, coding, etc...

Task 1: DIY ferrofluid

Task 2: DIY magnetic clay

Task 3: Learn Arduino code

etc, etc...

Also, the Dutch artist guy who does the clay stuff.


Hey, metal printer. Can I metal print my gloves/touchpoints/contacts/housings? Should.

Talk to Zach/Espej…

Working on the Final (p. 1)

USE A BLENDER BLADE! - extension of emulsion/blender formation of molecules

Vortex/kokyu - > > > Emulsion
Magic, metaphor, poetry, mythology
not a general idea, a specific idea or set of ideas

Ferrofluid in clay
 -slip, soft clay body
 - sculpt with magnets

tilt switch - depending on the orientation of a switch, activation
noise switch - yelling at a glove that is sound-sensitive

ELwire - electroluminescent

Where's the art?

Final Project Proposal - Ferrofluid Sculpting Gloves

Ferrofluid Sculpting Gloves
   When confronted with the parameters of the assignment, I began looking around for input devices immediately for Arduino.  I grew rather bored with the idea of creating something based on the potential of a switch, although, not out of the question since using Arduino is the main motivator of the project.  So, I decided to implement my main artistic source of wonder and inspiration - materials and their properties. This is a rather common approach for a sculpture student, so, expounding on that notion I want to take the viewpoint of a sculptor when approaching my final.

  I began with my first usual step - pacing through my house staring at everything and wondering what each object in my environment is made of.  Wood, stone, cement, leather, plastic - not reactive enough!  Then I came across my discarded and nearly forgotten spoils from last year's Digital Multimedia class - magnets.  Well, magnets are pretty cool, but what can a magnet do other than be…

Reflections on TNM Project - moving into the Final

Suggestions for sources for acrylic and plastic housing

For electronics: