Arduino Day

So today, we are having our intro to Arduino boards.

Starting with the Arduino One, we'll be holding early workshops regarding its analog interface.

As explained in the previous class' lecture, the board functions as a sort of input/output switch.

Input > (Processing) > Output

Planning for the future ten weeks, we have to finish our touch to noise interface, which I'm currently struggling with. Leaning towards an abstract sculpture with articulated rods meant for the fingertips. Regarding this project, I want to zero in on the three principles laid down as our goals we shoot for in our projects:

Technological, Social, Interface

I also want to make it fun and lighthearted. Maybe creepy.

Code-sharing viewed as collage, an open source phenomenon

Publishing on Instructables.
 - transparent for open-source recreation

Maker Faire (2005)


Find at least three tutorials on

The Good
The Bad
The Ugly

Arduino Notes:

Must be VERY ACCURATE with coding, no missteps
School computers use version 1.8.4 (latest is 1.8.5)

Before getting started:
Set my Arduino location to my removable drive in Preferences -> Browse

Refer to Arduino Programming Notebook by Brian W. Evans

Focus on learning to READ code

Two parts to Arduino Code: Setup & Loop

Setup - Parameters that a sensor would react to

Loop - Reaction, runs forever

Types: a thing [(void) : to begin]

Function: a command [loop () setup ()]

on/off, high/low, time increments are measured in milliseconds (1000 - 1 second)


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