Arduino Relay Plug-in Workshop (Post TNM critique)

Something that plugs into the wall...
-NOT high amp
-Response, sensor

TO INCLUDE IN RESEARCH/INSPIRATION: links, images, references, images, video, audio

ROBUST Documentation!


Final Project Proposals (repeated):
Input (Sensor Technology) - Process - Physical Output
-Hand tools
-Craft process/tangible understanding

---> Detail, richness ^
---> Narrative. Why? What problem am I solving? What opportunity am I creating? ^
---> Diagramming, flowcharting
---> Creative, fun, free project

"Nothing is original, but when something becomes important, people start coming up with similar ideas and testing them against one another"

"Execute someone else's idea, but grow it and build upon it"

Wet-ink writing "I don't know what to write..."
Don't try to solve things. Be there. Be bored. Then move forward.

^ Dream bigger and bigger ^


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