BOOST Mat Progress

My first interactive project, I chose to make a floor mat, which, when stepped on, would light up with animated LED. Thomas gave me the first piece of the puzzle by supplying me with a chipboard mat , roughly 24x36". I used this as my template for cutting out materials, making it a rather simple sandwich-approach to making that I've never done before.
I want this to be a reference to game culture and arcade culture as well. Honestly, one of the first public electronic interactive extracurricular we experience as kids.

The material flexes a little bit but seems like it can be cut with a measure of definition...

I was wrong. Looks like garbage - and too small. Fortunately, Zach was able to work some magic with my design on the CNC machine.

My preferred medium proved to be just as valuable as usual. Good definition, hard to sand delicate bridges due to the lightness of the foam. 1" thickness would have been better, but moving forward...


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