Musings on the TNM Project (Week 6 Debrief)

Circuit bending has proven to be a fun but challenging experiment. I've done some small breadboard tutorials concerning sound, and the principles are becoming clearer. For my TNM project, I want to do a sort of synthesis between my sculptural practice and electronics, so I'm thinking about a wooden base with metal rods jutting out of it in strange configurations.

I melted my breadboard with my IC somehow, so moving forward I'll have to be careful where I put my capacitors when it comes to experimentation. Touched base with a friend in NY who has experience bending devices, and, to reinforce the experimental nature of it he had no direct explanations as to why things did or didn't work - just that they did.

I think it brings up a good point about when are you truly experimenting? You're using tools and materials that others have designed, that billions of others have interacted with. The components on circuit bent tools work because they've been experimented with, there is a certain threshold of knowledge that can be applied to the process before it becomes wholly experimental itself. It seems that could be applied to most practices.

Just a thought.

Tried a new thrift shop near my house and found.... DA DA DA DA-DA


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