Week 7 Debrief (2/2)

   So, getting deeper into the Guitar Dog, I realized that I could simulate the same sensibilities of the Castro circuit board - in fact, there are far more options with the found object. Since I've already spent the money, and find this interesting, I'm going to attempt to identify the switches and bend them to create something worthwhile.

   I've managed to find an interesting set of wires, so I twist the garbage braided copper wire in order to get some purchase.

   Attempting to salvage the potentiometer from the volume control has proven fruitless, so I remove it completely. I want volume at max for fluctuations in conductivity to ring loud and true.

   With my circuits settled, I start soldering the contact points together for a more consolidated circuit.

   Cutting off the 20+ excess wires is a tiresome elimination process, but I end up with two contact points that I'm satisfied with. They'll be my bent circuit that I'll employ.

(On/off switch with three noise options)

   I have the electronics situated, so I move on to a housing for the board.  Since this project is sculptural in nature, I want to make a sculpture along the vein of my interests for personal value.

(Simple cardboard housing)

   First trying aluminium foil for touch pads, I find I can make a more compelling touch interface with copper wire.

(Complete housing before foam is added)

(Tape to protect the speaker, more copper wire for increased conductivity)

(Merging the power/option switch to the batteries with TAPE!)

(FOAMING process)

Too gooey for now, have to wait for the insulation foam to cure... Grand finale picture to come.


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