Working on the Final (pt 2.)

Try to write out the order of your system working (not code)
What happens first, so the second thing that can happen, so the third can happen
pseudocode - sensor takes a reading, processes, does action - simple coding

Grove electromagnet for possibility in the palm:

Compile a parts list! * * *

While we're waiting for parts... what do I need to do first?

Make clay, make ferrofluid, source glove model, ferrofluid and clay experiments, simple DIY electromagnets, coding, etc...

Task 1: DIY ferrofluid

Task 2: DIY magnetic clay

Task 3: Learn Arduino code

etc, etc...

Also, the Dutch artist guy who does the clay stuff.


Hey, metal printer. Can I metal print my gloves/touchpoints/contacts/housings? Should.

Talk to Zach/Espejo/Thomas/people in the engineering department


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